I am creating an ‘object show’ on youtube, where there are a bunch of animate inanimate objects competing in a contest to win a million dollars or something like that. Here is some of the script to give you an idea:

Pencil(to Pen): OMG, this place is such a drag. Right, Penny?
Pen: *slap* Don’t call me Penny!
Pencil: I thought this place was supposed to be nice! Why is it so drab? But I can’t wait for the contest.
Pen: What contest? Like, the one where you have to win challenges and not get eliminated and whoever wins gets to stay on the island. Like, I would not stay here in, like, fifty billion years. Why is it like a creepy old haunted castle on an abandoned island that is zombies and cannibals on it?
(announcer bounces in)
Announcer:Budget cuts. I know the contest was originally to try to stay on the island the longest, and whoever got eliminated got sent off the island. The new contest is to get off the island as quickly as possible. The winner gets a T-shirt and can decide who has to stay on the island.
Pen:But I thought we got a million dollars before.
Announcer: Budget cuts. The first contest is to use a key to escape the castle’s dungeon. The contest starts… now!

I plan on publishing the first episode by Christmas. I am using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe After Effects to animate it. Search for Inanimate Insantity on youtube to get an idea of what it will look like.