This blog post is for people who play Eldar in Warhamer 40k. It is about how to start your army with the Craftworld Warhost. I am going to go over the second step to creating an Eldar army in this blog post. You will need a Wave Serpent, 5 Howling Banshees, 5 Striking Scorpions, 5 Fire Dragons, 5 Swooping Hawks, 5 Warp Spiders, and 5 Dark Reapers.

Howling Banshees –
This unit is going to just charge in and kill some Marines. They are also good against Tau, because they cancel out Overwatch. My Exarch is going to take the Mirrorswords for an extra Master-crafted attack. These gals are running 9″ thanks to their Acrobatic rule, and it is going to be nasty when they get into a unit of Devastators.

Striking Scorpions –
This unit is going to infiltrate and jump in and attack. The Exarch is going to be particularly nasty with the Scorpion’s Claw (Sx2 AP 2 with a shuriken catapault built in). These guys can hold against a big unit of Hormogaunts thanks to their 3+ armor.

Fire Dragons –
Your anti-tank. These guys will blow up any tank that gets close, and are particularly nasty when it comes to Death or Glory! attempts. I am putting mine in a Wave Serpent to get them close, and an Exarch for higher stats.

Swooping Hawks –
For hordes (Lasblasters), tanks (haywire grenades), and flyers(intercept special rule). The lasblasters are S3 AP 5 assault 3, which makes them SO MUCH BETTER than the regular lasgun. The Haywire Grenades can glance a Land Raider to dust. The Intercept rule allows them to make an attack on a flier they moved over that hits on a 4+ and is S4 AP4 Haywire.

Warp Spiders –
With the Death Spinner(S6 AP- Assault 2 Monofilament(wounds against initiative and 6 to wound wounds at AP2)) these guys are good against high toughness but low initiative Necrons and Orks. Teleport these guys in and watch them glance AV12 to death.

Dark Reapers –
A lot of AP3 coming from here, these guys are expensive but they destroy Space Marines. A squad of 5 can output some serious damage.

The Dark Reapers, Swooping Hawks, and Fire Dragons are going in one Aspect Host formation, where the BS is increased by one. The Warp Spiders, Howling Banshees, and Striking Scorpions also have their BS increased.

Army list so far:
Farseer – Singing Spear(S9 AP- shot so I can split open that transport) , Spirit Stone of Anath’lan(reduce cost of psychic power by one warp charge at the cost of the rune armor invuln save for one turn) – 120 pts

10 Guardians, EML, Warlock with Singing Spear – 130 pts

2x 10 Guardians, Bright Lance, Warlock with Singing Spear – 260 pts

Vaul’s Wrath (3x models), D-cannons(destroy monstrous creatures, elite infantry, etc.), Warlock with Singing Spear – 205 pts

Vyper – Bright Lance, Holo-fields(5+ invuln save) – 65 pts

War Walker – 2x Bright Lances, Star Engines(run additional 3″) – 85 pts

Fire Prism – Shuriken Cannon – 135 pts

5 Howling Banshees – Exarch – Mirrorswords(for extra attack) – 85 pts

5 Striking Scorpions – Exarch – Scorpion’s Claw(For powerful attacks) – 125 pts

5 Fire Dragons – Exarch – Firepike(for longer melta range) – Wave Serpent w/ Scatter Lasers – 245 pts

5 Swooping Hawks – Exarch – Sunrifle(for low init and 3+ saves) – 105 pts

5 Warp Spiders – Exarch – Twin-linked Death Spinner – Powerblades(for combat) – 130 pts

5 Dark Reapers – Exarch – Tempest Launcher(To wreck stuff) – 160 pts

Total: 1850 pts

This army is good against:


MEQ(Marines and Equivalents)

TEQ(Terminators and Equivalents)


Gargantuan Creatures


High Toughness Creatures