So, you have 1850 points of Eldar, but still no dedicated anti-air. So we will add a Crimson Death Formation. It consists of 3 Crimson Hunters, one must be an exarch. So 405 points and we have 3 flyers with two bright lances and a pulse laser each with preferred enemy(flyers and flying monstrous creatures) and with 4+ cover save no matter what and if they jink they can reroll it. Nasty. The Crimson Hunter is an AV10 Vector Dancer flyer with two bright lances and a pulse laser(S8 AP2 Heavy 2). The Exarch has a ballistic skill of 5 and the ability to make precision shots on a 5+. Really nasty. Precision shots are fun when you kill the guy with a missle launcher. So we have 2255 points of Eldar but no defense squads. So we will add a Dire Avenger Shrine to guard objectives. Now we have 6 scoring units. Awesome when you pull that Domination tactical objective card. The Dire Avenger Shrine is a good formation, especially with the killing strike special rule, once per game your Shuriken Catapaults are made Assault 3! I have one exarch with a diresword (Awesome AP2 Weapon) and shuriken pistol. So the formation is 205 points and gives you 2495 points of Eldar and you can play 2500 point games.

Army list –
Farseer – Singing Spear(S9 AP- shot so I can split open that transport) , Spirit Stone of Anath’lan(reduce cost of psychic power by one warp charge at the cost of the rune armor invuln save for one turn) – 120 pts

10 Guardians, EML, Warlock with Singing Spear – 130 pts

2x 10 Guardians, Bright Lance, Warlock with Singing Spear – 260 pts

Vaul’s Wrath (3x models), D-cannons(destroy monstrous creatures, elite infantry, etc.), Warlock with Singing Spear – 205 pts

Vyper – Bright Lance, Holo-fields(5+ invuln save) – 65 pts

War Walker – 2x Bright Lances, Star Engines(run additional 3″) – 85 pts

Fire Prism – Shuriken Cannon – 135 pts

5 Howling Banshees – Exarch – Mirrorswords(for extra attack) – 85 pts

5 Striking Scorpions – Exarch – Scorpion’s Claw(For powerful attacks) – 125 pts

5 Fire Dragons – Exarch – Firepike(for longer melta range) – Wave Serpent w/ Scatter Lasers – 245 pts

5 Swooping Hawks – Exarch – Sunrifle(for low init and 3+ saves) – 105 pts

5 Warp Spiders – Exarch – Twin-linked Death Spinner – Powerblades(for combat) – 130 pts

5 Dark Reapers – Exarch – Tempest Launcher(To wreck stuff) – 160 pts

3 Crimson Hunters – Exarch – 440 pts

3x 5 Dire Avengers – Exarch x1(only one Exarch allowed in this formation) – Dire Sword(To make my guys useful in combat) – 205 pts

Enjoy wrecking people in Escalation.