Ok, by now you have a very solid army. But our one weakness are things like bloodthisters, imperial knights, etc. We could use the D-cannons from our Vaul’s Wrath, but that is not enough. We need something that is resilient, unflinching, and able to rip holes in our opponents army. We’ll use the wraith host formation (3x units of Wraithguard or Wraithblades, a Wraithlord, a Wraithknight, and a Spiritseer) which confers Battle Focus(you can run AND shoot) and some other rule that I forget. I would have two units of Wraithguard with just Wraithcannons(D-scythes aren’t very good) and one unit of Wraithblades (with the ghost axes). The Wraithknight would have a Ghostglaive and 2x Starcannons. The Wraithlord would take a Ghostglaive, two Flamers, and a Bright Lance. The Spiritseer would take Kurnous’ Bow as a Remnant of Glory(S4 AP3 Rending Pistol).

Army List:
Farseer – Singing Spear – Spirit Stone of Anath’lan – 120pts

10 Guardians, EML, Warlock with Singing Spear – 130 pts

2x 10 Guardians, Bright Lance, Warlock with Singing Spear – 260 pts

Vaul’s Wrath (3x models), D-cannons(destroy monstrous creatures, elite infantry, etc.), Warlock with Singing Spear – 205 pts

Vyper – Bright Lance, Holo-fields(5+ invuln save) – 65 pts

War Walker – 2x Bright Lances, Star Engines(run additional 3″) – 85 pts

Fire Prism – Shuriken Cannon – 135 pts

5 Howling Banshees – Exarch – Mirrorswords(for extra attack) – 85 pts

5 Striking Scorpions – Exarch – Scorpion’s Claw(For powerful attacks) – 125 pts

5 Fire Dragons – Exarch – Firepike(for longer melta range) – Wave Serpent w/ Bright Lances(I changed this so we have extra anti-tank) – 250 pts

5 Swooping Hawks – Exarch – Sunrifle(for low init and 3+ saves) – 105 pts

5 Warp Spiders – Exarch – Twin-linked Death Spinner – Powerblades(for combat) – 130 pts

5 Dark Reapers – Exarch – Tempest Launcher(To wreck stuff) – 160 pts

3 Crimson Hunters – Exarch – 440 pts

3x 5 Dire Avengers – Exarch – Dire Sword – 215 pts

2x 5 Wraithguard – 320 pts

Wraith Blades- Ghost Axes(Anti 2+ saves) – 150 pts

Spirit Seer – Kurnous’ Bow(Because he has nothing he’d rather shoot) – 80 pts

Wraithlord – 2x Flamers(Anti-hordes) – Ghost Glaive(Powerful combat weapon) – Bright Lance(anti-tank) – 145 pts

Wraithknight – Starcannon(Powerful shots) – Ghost Glaive(Powerful combat weapon) – 345 pts

This is a very large list(3550 pts), but very powerful. It has virtually no weaknesses.