How to Build an Eldar Army – Part 1


This blog post is for people who play Eldar in Warhamer 40k. It is about how to start your army with the Craftworld Warhost. I am going to go over the first steps to creating an Eldar army in this blog post. You will need 1x Guardian Battlehost and 1 Fire Prism.

Guardian Battlehost –
The Guadian Battlehost is a formation that consists of a Farseer, 3x Guardian Squads, a Vaul’s Wrath Support Battery, a unit of Vypers, a unit of War Walkers, and an optional Warlock Conclave.
The Vypers, Vaul’s Wrath and War Walkers get Preferred Enemy when attacking units that are within 12″ of the Guardian Units. Also, the heavy weapon is FREE! So I am going to take 2 Bright Lances (48″ S8 AP2 Heavy 1, Lance) and a EML (a S4 AP4 Blast, a S8 AP3 shot, and a S7 AP5 Skyfire). People have overlooked this, but Guardians are really good at taking down hordes. Each guardian has a plasma grenade (8″ S4 AP4 Blast), so that unit of Genestealers is going to get wrecked before it can assault your Guardians. Also, Guardians are good at taking out Necron Warriors and Fire Warriors, so don’t forget your grenades. Against a ten man squad of Space Marines, (including the Warlock) you can kill 5 marines on average with your shuriken weapons. That’s pretty good. As you can run 6″ and then shoot, you can take off big chunks of marines.

Fire Prism –
In order for the detatchment to be valid, you also need an Auxiliary choice. I am going to use a Fire Prism for my Auxiliary choice. This is for versitality against Marines, Terminators, and tanks. Since I have 10 points left over, I am going to upgrade the twin-linked shuriken catapault to a shuriken cannon.

My army list so far –

Farseer – Singing Spear(S9 AP- shot so I can split open that transport) , Spirit Stone of Anath’lan(reduce cost of psychic power by one warp charge at the cost of the rune armor invuln save for one turn) – 120 pts

10 Guardians, EML, Warlock with Singing Spear – 130 pts

2x 10 Guardians, Bright Lance, Warlock with Singing Spear – 260 pts

Vaul’s Wrath (3x models), D-cannons(destroy monstrous creatures, elite infantry, etc.), Warlock with Singing Spear – 205 pts

Vyper – Bright Lance, Holo-fields(5+ invuln save) – 65 pts

War Walker – 2x Bright Lances, Star Engines(run additional 3″) – 85 pts

Fire Prism – Shuriken Cannon – 135 pts

And that is my first step to creating an Eldar army!