My Trip to York

And now I’ll tell you a little bit about these places..

The York Dungeon is a place where they tell you about the scary bits of York’s history and scare you while they’re at it. It was fun, kind of scary, but you should go. It’s not as scary as people say it is. The National Rail Museum is the place to go if you like trains. There is a lot of trains to look at (you can go in some of them), you can see a model of the world’s fastest train that is life-sized. It’s next to the train station, so you can see the rail station from there. They show how signalling works and stuff like that. It was good. I didn’t get to stay that long, so I could have enjoyed it more. York’s Sweet Story is the chocolate factory of York. It tells you about chocolate’s history and how chocolate is made. Then you get to make your own chocolate bar! You must go there! The Jorvik Viking Center is a museum that tells you about vikings that lived in York. But it has smells from the times of the vikings, too. It’s ter-whiff-ic! You should go there. The York Castle Museum tells you all about the history of York. It has a recreated Victorian street. It is fun. Go there sometime. Clifford’s tower is a tower on a hill. You can see the entire city! It’s fun. I will be telling you about our next vacation soon.