High Elves

Why Play High Elves

Because you watched the Lord of the Rings and thought they were awesome. They have fast calvary, awesome magic, good shooting, Always Strike First, and cool monsters. But they are T3, have 5+ armour saves on most troops, and are expensive.

Lords and Heroes

Named Characters

Tyrion – The legendary commander of the High Elves, this guy is ASF, WS9, I10, 4 attacks, S7 (S4 but +3 from Sunfang, and a magical Flaming Attack at that), has a breath weapon, 1+ armor, 4+ ward and Magic Resistance(2). And, if the opponent can put a chink through all of this, he’s got an item that basically gives another wound, or can negate a Killing Blow. His horse also has +1 M,WS,S,I and A. If he is the General of your army, his inspiring presence is increased to 18″.

Teclis – The legendary Level 4 Archmage, his moon staff got changed a bit, his sword is still cool but useless, the scroll is still awesome, and the War Crown of Spahery is still cool. His moon staff got changed so that when you add D3 dice to your pool, Teclis’ Strength and Toughness get reduced to one. His sword still wounds on a 2+, but is pretty useless in combat when Teclis is only S2 and T2. The War Crown ignores the first miscast of every turn, and the scroll automatically dispells a spell, you roll off with your opponent, and if you win, the spell is erased. Have fun erasing the 13th Spell of Doom from that Grey Seer.


Why Play Eldar


  • New Codex just came out and now everything can run 6″ if you use the Craftworld Warhost.
  • AWESOME guns, most weapons have pseudo-Rending.
  • High WS,BS,I, and Ld.
  • Wraith-constructs.
  • The look on your opponent’s face when your Wraithknight eats an Imperial Knight for breakfast.
  • Strength D everywhere.
  • Phantom Titans.


  • Eldar are as tough as a soggy tissue.
  • Expensive and small units.
  • The presence of one Leman Russ Battle Tank ruins the game.

Tactical Objecives

11 – Legacy of Sorrow
1 VP for killing an enemy character. Super easy.
12 – Skyborne Assault
1 VP if you kill an enemy unit with your grav-tanks/jetbikes. Becomes d3 if you kill three or more enemy units. Useful if you run a Jetdar list.
13 – Khaine’s Wrath
1 VP for charging an enemy, upped to d3 if you charge more than three. Your ideal units for this: Warp Spiders, Striking Scorpions and Howling Banshees.
14 – Guardians of the Hidden Path
Roll a d6. You get 1 VP if there are no enemies within 12″ of the objective that d6 indicated.
15 – Strands of Fate
Roll a d6. Whatever that result is, you can alter it by +/- 1 if your warlord is a psyker. You get 1 VP if you own the objective that is indicated.
16 – Combined Strike
1 VP if you killed an enemy in either the Psychic, Shooting, or Assault phase. d3 if you kill an enemy in two of those phases, and d3+3 VP if you killed an enemy in all three.


Farseer- Your generic HQ choice. If you use the Craftworld Warhost (which you should) then you will definitely have one. He can take from Divination, Telepathy, Runes of Fate, and Santic Daemonology. He can only take from Santic Daemonology, which stinks because a Farseer with the Phoenix Gem could summon a Bloodthirster and still live to summon another. He is Mastery Level 3, comes with a Shuriken Pistol, a Witchblade(switch for Singing Spear), and a Ghosthelm which allows him to negate a wound for a warp charge caused by perils, but doesn’t keep him from getting sucked into the warp by a terrible Ld roll. Has a 4++ invuln.

Autarch- You can give him all of Eldar’s best toys, and some Remnants of Glory. I converted mine into a beast with Shard of Anaris, Uldanorethi Long Rifle, Falochu’s Wing, and the Phoenix Gem. If you are running a assault oriented list, use Phoenix Gem, Banshee Mask, Shard of Anaris, Swooping Hawk Wings, and a fusion gun/pistol. They come with 3+/4++ save, and can access a lot of things. Also have a rule which lets them modify reserve rolls by +1/-1.

Spiritseer- A upgraded Mastery Level 2 Independent Character with a Witch staff which is an ok fleshbane armuorbane soul blaze weapon. He adds some buffs to Wraithguard/blades and makes them Troops. Add one to a unit of Howling Banshees for some buffs.

Warlock Conclave- 35 points for a Mastery Level 1 character with a shuriken pistol and a witchblade, a Fleshbane Armourbane weapon but with AP-. For 5 points you can switch Witchblade for a Singing Spear, which can be used as a S9 shooting weapon. I would definitely pay for the singing spear. In a conclave, 1-3 warlocks is mastery level 1, 4-6 is mastery level 2, and 7+ is Mastery level 3. However, you can generate a lot of Warp charges with 5 warlocks.

Eldrad Ulthran- 195 points for a Mastery Level 4 Farseer with an awesome staff which is S3 AP3 Fleshbane/Force and also allows him to regenerate a Warp Charge on a 5+ after casting a power. This guy is really good, and include in a Seer Council and make him Warlord because his fixed Warlord trait is An Eye on Distant events, which is AWESOME on Banshees.

Prince Yriel- An ok named Autarch that is only used for fun. There are no real tactics except to send him into a tactical squad, activate his Ambush of Blades warlord trait and use his Eye of Wrath to destroy everyone in that squad.

 Army List

Seer Council

Farseer, Singing Spear


5 Warlocks, singing spears


3x 10x Guardians, Missle Launcher, Wave Serpent(holo-fields, Bright lances, Shuriken Cannons)