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Book’s Rock!

Yesterday I finished a book called The Secrets of Droon – The Hidden Stairs and the Magic Carpet.

It was about three kids Eric, Neal, and Julie who found a small door in Eric’s basement.

They opened the door and found a magic staircase that led to Droon, the Underworld.

They had a wild adventure with Groggles, Ninns, Princess Keeah, Lord Sparr, a magic carpet, etc.

I really liked it and will read book 2 of the Droon series next.

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Fudge Book

I just read that ↑ book.

It’s about a 5 year old boy nicknamed Fudge, his family the Hatchers, and their friends the Tubmans.

Together they shared a summer house in maine for 3 weeks.

They went on a boat, played a lot of baseball, had a fake wedding, and a real wedding.

It was a very silly book by Judy Blume.

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Book Report – Who Cloned The President?

Today I finished reading this book.

In this book there was some bad people who kidnapped the President and cloned him.

Nobody knew that this happened except for KC and Marshall.

They found out because they saw the fake President on TV writing with his right hand when he was supposed be a lefty.

So they got in to the White House on a tour and hid under Lincoln’s bed.

Then at night they searched everywhere and found the real President tied up in the basement.

So they freed him and the bad guys got caught.

Ron Roy also wrote the A to Z Mysteries books.

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Book Report – Squanto

That’s a book I read this week.

It is a true story about an Indian boy named Squanto.

He lived in America and then he went to London with the white men.

He learned English there and stayed for many years.

Squanto wanted to go home and boarded Captain John Smith’s ship.

A bad man named Captain Hunt kidnapped him and tried to sell him as a slave.

But some good men freed him and he got back to his home in America.

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Cam Again

Today I read (with a tape) – Cam Jansen and the Birthday Mystery.

It was about stolen presents and suitcases.

Cam used her amazing memory to help catch the thief.

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Book Report

Today I read this book ↑.

It was about a girl with an amazing memory.

She remembers everything and helps solves mysteries.

This book actually wasn’t about fudge. It was about a bank robber.

I read all 58 pages by myself – without any help from a CD or from my parents!

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