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CoffeeScript vs. JavaScript


Yesterday I watched some videos on CoffeeScript. CoffeeScript is a coding language that compiles in to JavaScript (JavaScript is an extremely powerful coding language that is used all over the web). I shall show you a block of CoffeeScript code:
function = ->
alert “Hi”

The JavaScript code would be:

var function = function(){
return alert(“Hi”);

Yet when you run the CoffeeScript code, the compiler translates the code to JS, then runs the JS. CoffeeScript is a powerful language!

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Ruby on Rails


Yesterday I got the full membership for Code School. Then I tried Rails for Zombies 2. I do not regret it at all! It told me to download Rails for my computer, which I did. When I was finished, I got this command prompt called Command Prompt with Ruby on Rails. The video told me to create a new app by writing $rails new TwitterForZombies. Then I wrote $cd TwitterForZombies to get into the directory. Then I had to make a server, by writing $rails server. Then I got my server. There were migrations to reboot my app, so I wrote
$ rake db:migration. Then I wrote $rails console. Now I can perform Ruby Commands, like I did in Rails For Zombies 1.

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Code School


Yesterday I got an account for Code School. It is very good for learning how to code, and the free membership is good. It has courses for Ruby, JavaScript, Html, CSS, and iOS. It has instuctive, useful videos, and it has fun themes. The Ruby path is easy, and the JS is easy as well. I haven’t tried the iOS or HTML courses, but I will soon. You should definitely use Code School if you are an advanced beginner. Here is a link:Code School

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This Software is used to make entertainment,games,etc.

It is called Scratch and it’s free!

My first Scratch project is called crazy dance.

But I didn’t put any projects on the site yet!

There are 8 blocks: Motion, Looks, Sound, Pen, Control, Sensing, Operators, and Variables.

Motion is exactly what you think – moving.

Looks is how you look, talk, hide and show.

Sound is just sound.

Pen controls the sprite’s pen.

Control is the first place you need to go, and if you get the software you’ll see why.

Sensing is all the sensors for the sprite.

Operators helps with motion, looks, etc.

Variables have 2 parts: a variable and a list, though I don’t get neither of them.

If you right-click a block you will see a help tab.

Thats pretty much about it in Scratch!

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