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Pumpkins for Sale!

To make my pumpkin sale I had to :

  • make the signs
  • buy 15 pumpkins
  • price them
  • set up the stand
  • hang up the signs

    I sold 10 of them. 

    My first customer took 2 little ones for $4 each.  

    My second customer took 1 large pumpkin for $12.

    After the sale, our neighbors bought one, then Uncle Fred, and then Nana. And we kept 2 for ourselves.  Altogether we have $114 from all the pumpkins we sold, but we had to spend $90 to buy the pumpkins and make the signs.  We made $24. Next year I’m going to grow my own pumpkins!

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    My First Yard Sale

    My Grandma had a garage sale.

    She was trying to sell old stuff she doesn’t need.

    She sold furniture, books, toys, pictures, et cetera.

    My 11 year old cousin sold cookies and munchkins.

    It was fun.

    When my mom has a yard sale, I am going to sell lemonade and iced tea.

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