Life in London

Life in London

After a long hiatus, I resume blogging!

Since you last saw me, I grew taller, got an exercise routine, and learned a bit of computer coding!

But back to the subject of London….

There are three museums that I could walk to. They are the Science Museum,V&A Museum, and the Natural History Museum.

I was excited because I was begging my mom to take me to London, but my requests all flipped flopped failed miserably bombed came a wee bit short. But now I’m in London and I get to go to other countries while I’m in Europe.

Getting around is really fun, you can take a bus or the Tube.There is this useful site called Citymapper that helps you find out the way to your destination.

The museums here are so much fun, parks are cool, and the people here use common sense calling soccer “football”!

I also have a new hobby, cartooning online!

I’ve learned how to computer code, and it is really fun. I learned with Codeacedemy.