Evolution, The Big Bang Theory, and Other “Scientific” Nonsense Busted

Warning: This might be too complicated for some people.

The Big Bang Theory

The reason this is wrong is because the First Law of Thermodynamics says that no energy or matter can be created or destroyed. The two random molecules could not have come from nothing. And all the energy that came from could not have come from nothing.


Evolutionists say that the world started off as chaos, and got better and better. But the Law of Entropy says that everything gets less and less orderly. Darwin says that every living thing came from a puddle of goop, and plants and animals cames from mud and evolved for 6000 years. But why aren’t there new species every day? Clearly, evolution is impossible.

The World Is Running Out of Fossil Fuels

Wrong. Oil and other fossil fuels are made out of dead plants and animals, and scientists can make oil and coal just with dead plants and animals.

The World is 13.8 Billion Years Old

This time, Mr. Sun himself says that this is wrong. The sun gets hotter and hotter and time goes by. 10 billion years ago, the sun would be to cold to support life. And 10 billion years in the future, the sun would be way to hot.