Now I am studying Polynomials.

Here is an example:

6x2 – 7x + 1

Here is another example:

10x5 + 4x4 – 13x3 + .52 – 102

Each part of a Polynomial is called a Monomial. My dad calls them “terms”.

The number in front of each term is called a coefficient.

The little numbers above the x’s are called exponents.

When x-terms have the same exponent they can be easily combined by adding their coefficients.

For example:

3x4 – 17x4 = -14x4

(-1/3)x5 + (1/2)x5 = (1/6)x5

Two terms or two monomials, make a “binomial”. (Bi – means two).

You can also multiply, divide, and factor Polynomials