My Favorite Year: 2011!

Today is New Year’s Eve, and I am really sad that 2011 is over. This was my favorite year, 2011. We did all sorts of fun things. I learned about new games, learned new sites, and went to many places.

I got a YouTube account. I won four trophies: Soccer, Baseball, Chess, and Pinewood Derby for Cub scouts. I got my biggest Lego set, Lego Mindstorms, my most powerful Pokémon – Zoroak.

Here are all the places I went: Kalahari (Ohio) for a homeschooling conference, Naples, Florida, Universal Studios, many visits to Nana’s and Southampton, we visited Cohasset, where we used to live. I went to Wildwood, NJ, York, Maine (for my cousin’s wedding).

I lost my first tooth. I got glasses.

I started to learn Spanish, I got much better at Chess this year.

I went to three camps this year: Chess, Cub Scouts and Summer Center. I made lots of new friends, through camps, cub scouts and homeschooling groups.

My new neighbors finally moved in. But I didn’t meet them yet.

I read all the 39 Clues Books, I had a Pokémon Birthday party. I still love Lego’s, playing Chess on the computer. I got 10,000 hits on my blog!

I am sad that 2011 is over, but we are going to a friend’s house to celebrate tonight. And tomorrow we will list all the great things we are going to do in 2012.