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New 39 Clues Book and a Fun Game

This is the new 39 Clues – A King’s Ransom

I got the book from the library.

It was very exciting.

I already finished it!

There are about 14 books in this mystery series and I read them all!

I also got this great game called 10 Days In Europe.

You have to start with a country and end with a country.

Say you start with Belgium. You can walk to any border country of Belgium.

Say you start with Belgium again. And you have a yellow plane. You can fly to any country with the same color.

Say you have England. And you have the Atlantic ocean. You can take a boat to a country touching the Atlantic ocean.

If you play this game you will definitively learn European geography!

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Chess Tournament

This is a picture of my first chess tournament.

The tournament was yesterday.

I won two games, I lost 1 game, and I drew one game.

The tournament was 3rd – 5th grade, but I sneaked in even though I am technically only a 2nd grader. But remember, I’m homeschooled , so we don’t have grades.

The winners – 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place – each got a trophy. I think I came in 4th or 5th place.

Next year I really want to get one….but I’m going have to keep practicing.

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Beginning Chess

I am learning to play chess.

My uncle bought me a chess set for my 4th birthday.

To win you have kill your opponent’s king before he kills your king.

There are several kinds of pieces: pawns, knights, bishops, rooks, a queen, and a king.

Each piece moves differently.

Pawns advance one square at a time. But on their first move they can go two spaces. And they can go diagonally one space only when they take someone.

Knights move up two and over one square in any direction.

Bishops move diagonally in any direction.

Rooks move up and down and sideways as many spaces as they want.

The queen is very powerful. She can move in any direction, any number of spaces.

The king can also move in any direction but only one space at a time.

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