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My Trip to Florida

The car trip took about 22hrs.

It was me, dad, and Christine.

Altogether dad drove 1,316 miles!

I read lots of books, and I mean a lot!

We got a library card at the Naples library.

I stopped at my dad’s friend’s house in Orlando and my aunt’s house in Bradenton.

When we got to our condo we rented, we unpacked and went straight to the pool.

On Friday we picked up Mom at McDonald’s and saw my friend’s basketball game.

After about 5 days Mom left.

Our house was really nice, it had 3 bedrooms, 1 kitchen, 3 bathrooms, one living room, and a view of an artificial lake.

Did I forget to mention I went to Legoland?

I went on three roller coasters (all ones Christine could go on, there was only one parent).

There was USA Miniland with buttons that you press and the figures do something.

I went to driving school and the Water Stunt Show.

And the Big Test show, too.

A week after Mom left she came back.

And at a restaurant I lost my third tooth.

We went to the beach several times too.

I went to a waterpark once.

On the way back mom came we went to Legoland, again!

This time I went on almost everything!

The trip took 4 days.

And I just lost my 4th tooth!

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This is ChessKid.com.

Chesskid.com is like Chess.com.

You learn and play chess.

But there are fewer things. They do not have Chess Mentor and the daily puzzle.

My 30 minute rating is 694.

My name is OldKid.

My club is Challenger Chess Club.

Now you can join and play me if you dare!

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New 39 Clues Book and a Fun Game

This is the new 39 Clues – A King’s Ransom

I got the book from the library.

It was very exciting.

I already finished it!

There are about 14 books in this mystery series and I read them all!

I also got this great game called 10 Days In Europe.

You have to start with a country and end with a country.

Say you start with Belgium. You can walk to any border country of Belgium.

Say you start with Belgium again. And you have a yellow plane. You can fly to any country with the same color.

Say you have England. And you have the Atlantic ocean. You can take a boat to a country touching the Atlantic ocean.

If you play this game you will definitively learn European geography!

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Maker’s Faire

Last Saturday I went to the Maker’s Fair with my family.

The Maker’s Fair is a huge gathering of cool designers, inventors, and builders at the New York Hall of Science.

It was fun because I got to participate in all sorts of activities.

At first I we stopped at a little stand that had these little LED art kits, you just made a little drawing and took a LED and used sticky little things to keep it on.

Then I built a little rocket and launched it.

It went 7 meters!

Then I went to this big tent and saw all sorts of robots (see video):

Then I checked out a few things and left.

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Wedding Trip

5 days ago I drove to Maine for my dad’s cousin’s wedding.

It took us 6 hours to get there.

I went with my mom, my dad, and my sister but my aunts, uncles, grandparents, and cousins were there too!

It was my first wedding!

Mom and dad went to the party and I had a babysitter.

On the first day we went to hotel, when we got there we went to the beach (see picture above), and then we went out to dinner. We ate pizza.

On the second day, after breakfast we got ready and went to the wedding. My parents went to the reception but there were no kids allowed. Then we went back to our hotel and the baby sitter came. She took us to the playground and then to the arcade. I won 390 tickets!

On the third day, we went out for breakfast again and said goodbye to everyone.

On the way home we stopped at my mom’s friend’s beach house in New Hampshire.

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Chess Tournament

This is a picture of my first chess tournament.

The tournament was yesterday.

I won two games, I lost 1 game, and I drew one game.

The tournament was 3rd – 5th grade, but I sneaked in even though I am technically only a 2nd grader. But remember, I’m homeschooled , so we don’t have grades.

The winners – 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place – each got a trophy. I think I came in 4th or 5th place.

Next year I really want to get one….but I’m going have to keep practicing.

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Weekend Getaway

This weekend we went to Southampton which is 70 miles away from our house.

I saw some of my friends who were also there for the weekend.

I went swimming in my grandmother’s pool and my mom started teaching me the backstroke.

It was my mom’s birthday and we went to a Mexican restaurant to celebrate. She also went to a very expensive yoga class!

I went to the local farm and saw several animals.

I went with my mom, my dad, and my sister.

I also started reading a new series called Edgar and Ellen.

I played a new board game with my mom and my sister – Clue: The Great Museum Caper.

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My Vacation

Last Saturday we went to Kalahari Resorts in Ohio.

I went with my sister, my dad, and my mom.

There was an indoor water park, an arcade, mini golf (but we didn’t do that), etc.

We stayed for 5 days.

There was also a homeschool thing, there was events like a Pokemon funshop, a nerf war funshop, a warhammer funshop, a kids marketplace, a Dungeon and Dragons class, a talent show, and a carnival.

I had lot of fun.

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My Snow Fortress

New York has 2 feet of snow.

I built a fort out of snow at my house.

The fort was was really hard!!

First we made the wall.

Then we made the snowballs.

Then our fort was done!!

We stood behind the fort for protection and threw the snowballs from there.

It’s going to last until it melts.

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Pencil Ed

Me and my Dad are working on a story.

It is called Pencil Ed.

It is a probably going to be a graphic novel.

We thought about the Birth of Pencil Ed and a few other episodes.

There are other characters too:

Pencil Ed

Eraser Burt

Eraser Bette

Permanent Mark

Scissor Sisters

Crayon Man

Paint Boy

Lou Glue

Hope Soap

I don’t want to tell you anymore because it might ruin the story.

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Magic Show

One Friday I went to a magic show.

It was fun. I found out some of the magic tricks.

I was one of the volunteers. And I have magic powers.

 I made my own magic tricks!

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Italian Fest

2 days ago I went to the Italian Fest in Port Washington at Bar Beach.  My dad got me unlimited rides.  I went on the caterpillar, dragon coaster, the dinosaurs, etc. Today I am going again, and this time my mom is coming.  Mom said she would take me on the bumper cars.   Christine wants to go the haunted house, and i told her that when she is in there, she will be screaming.  Mom said next time Chrissy can go with Dad.  And Grandma is coming.  And I’ve been looking forward the space sled.                        

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