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My Trip To Scotland


I went to Scotland on the 7th of August. It was really fun! On the first day, I took a l o n g train ride from King’s Cross to Edinburgh Waverley. Then I took a cab to my hotel. Then I walked to the Grassmarket which was a square that had street performers (I came during the Fringe Festival, so it was a good time to come. The Fringe is where there are lots of shows.) . Then I saw the castle but didn’t go inside. I walked down the Royal Mile and then went to my hotel. The next day I took a bus tour ¬†and went a loop before getting off at Arthur’s Seat. Arthur’s Seat is this big mountain that I climbed.





Then it started to rain, so I went to the Edinburgh Dungeon. It was ¬†REALLY SCARY. Much scarier than the York one. There was this boat ride in the caves of Galloway in hunt for the cannibal Bean family. Thankfully I sat on the right in the front. Everyone knows that the front is the safest, and before the ride started, the woman told us that cannibals always attack on left. I think the girl behind me literally pooped her pants. Afterwards I went back to the hotel. On the next day I went on a tour bus. Not one that just did Edinburgh but one that went to The Isle of Skye, Loch Ness, and northern Scotland. It took three days. When I got back to Edinburgh I went to this Camera Obscura place and then the Museum of Scotland. Then I got my luggage and went back to King’s Cross.



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Wedding Trip

5 days ago I drove to Maine for my dad’s cousin’s wedding.

It took us 6 hours to get there.

I went with my mom, my dad, and my sister but my aunts, uncles, grandparents, and cousins were there too!

It was my first wedding!

Mom and dad went to the party and I had a babysitter.

On the first day we went to hotel, when we got there we went to the beach (see picture above), and then we went out to dinner. We ate pizza.

On the second day, after breakfast we got ready and went to the wedding. My parents went to the reception but there were no kids allowed. Then we went back to our hotel and the baby sitter came. She took us to the playground and then to the arcade. I won 390 tickets!

On the third day, we went out for breakfast again and said goodbye to everyone.

On the way home we stopped at my mom’s friend’s beach house in New Hampshire.

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Weekend Getaway

This weekend we went to Southampton which is 70 miles away from our house.

I saw some of my friends who were also there for the weekend.

I went swimming in my grandmother’s pool and my mom started teaching me the backstroke.

It was my mom’s birthday and we went to a Mexican restaurant to celebrate. She also went to a very expensive yoga class!

I went to the local farm and saw several animals.

I went with my mom, my dad, and my sister.

I also started reading a new series called Edgar and Ellen.

I played a new board game with my mom and my sister – Clue: The Great Museum Caper.

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My Vacation

Last Saturday we went to Kalahari Resorts in Ohio.

I went with my sister, my dad, and my mom.

There was an indoor water park, an arcade, mini golf (but we didn’t do that), etc.

We stayed for 5 days.

There was also a homeschool thing, there was events like a Pokemon funshop, a nerf war funshop, a warhammer funshop, a kids marketplace, a Dungeon and Dragons class, a talent show, and a carnival.

I had lot of fun.

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