I went to Scotland on the 7th of August. It was really fun! On the first day, I took a l o n g train ride from King’s Cross to Edinburgh Waverley. Then I took a cab to my hotel. Then I walked to the Grassmarket which was a square that had street performers (I came during the Fringe Festival, so it was a good time to come. The Fringe is where there are lots of shows.) . Then I saw the castle but didn’t go inside. I walked down the Royal Mile and then went to my hotel. The next day I took a bus tour ¬†and went a loop before getting off at Arthur’s Seat. Arthur’s Seat is this big mountain that I climbed.





Then it started to rain, so I went to the Edinburgh Dungeon. It was ¬†REALLY SCARY. Much scarier than the York one. There was this boat ride in the caves of Galloway in hunt for the cannibal Bean family. Thankfully I sat on the right in the front. Everyone knows that the front is the safest, and before the ride started, the woman told us that cannibals always attack on left. I think the girl behind me literally pooped her pants. Afterwards I went back to the hotel. On the next day I went on a tour bus. Not one that just did Edinburgh but one that went to The Isle of Skye, Loch Ness, and northern Scotland. It took three days. When I got back to Edinburgh I went to this Camera Obscura place and then the Museum of Scotland. Then I got my luggage and went back to King’s Cross.