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My New Instrument

This is my guitar ↑. It is acoustic, not electric.

It cost $99 at Guitar Center.

It has 6 strings. This is how it makes music:

The vibration of the strings causes the soundboard (top) of the guitar to vibrate in a similar manner. The vibration of the soundboard then causes the air inside (and around) the guitar to vibrate…the vibrations of the air is what you hear and what you hear is known as a sound wave or sound waves.

My 14 year-old cousin knows how to play; and he’s going to teach me a little bit.

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Ludwig Van Beethoven

He was born in Germany in 1770.

He started to play the piano when he was 4.

Then he started to play the violin.

His dad was teaching him all the time.

Then he started to compose his own music; that means he wrote his own songs.

He wrote songs so complicated that he needed lots of instruments to play them.

They were called symphonies they were played by orchestras.

Here is an example:

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