I’m making these short posts so you can see what’s on my mind.



I was working when my sister started to play some music that I hate (One Direction, Rihanna)  and it started to make me think about modern music.I hate everything by Katy Perry, One Direction, Ellie Goulding, Carrie Underwood, and Rihanna.I like Billy Joel, Pharrell Williams, and Van Halen. I like older music better than contemporary music. Thank God we have people like Weird Al Yankovic  to make funny songs. I don’t get how artists are so famous. People like Lionel Yuzzy should get more attention. Here is one of his videos:


Yes, he made all of those songs himself! Who do you think deserves more attention? Katy Perry or Lionel? Thinking about Lionel’s videos reminds me of Google’s new safety mode that is ridiculous, because it blocks some of Lionel’s videos. I have watched his videos lots of times and I see nothing that is inappropriate. Safety is ridiculous these days. In the US, some kid told me that I couldn’t ride my bike because I didn’t have a helmet on. He said it’s a law that you have to wear a helmet on a bike. What time of law is that?! When I played baseball, the pitcher has to wear this big pad in front of his chest. You don’t need that! You have ribs and a chest! In fact, I gave up trying to play organised sports. I think it’s a lot more fun to get some random kids and a ball and play. I like playing with city kids more than I like playing with suburb kids. Kids in London will play with you even if they have never seen you before. I basically go to the park everyday with ball, and stay for an hour.