My Trip to Florida

The car trip took about 22hrs.

It was me, dad, and Christine.

Altogether dad drove 1,316 miles!

I read lots of books, and I mean a lot!

We got a library card at the Naples library.

I stopped at my dad’s friend’s house in Orlando and my aunt’s house in Bradenton.

When we got to our condo we rented, we unpacked and went straight to the pool.

On Friday we picked up Mom at McDonald’s and saw my friend’s basketball game.

After about 5 days Mom left.

Our house was really nice, it had 3 bedrooms, 1 kitchen, 3 bathrooms, one living room, and a view of an artificial lake.

Did I forget to mention I went to Legoland?

I went on three roller coasters (all ones Christine could go on, there was only one parent).

There was USA Miniland with buttons that you press and the figures do something.

I went to driving school and the Water Stunt Show.

And the Big Test show, too.

A week after Mom left she came back.

And at a restaurant I lost my third tooth.

We went to the beach several times too.

I went to a waterpark once.

On the way back mom came we went to Legoland, again!

This time I went on almost everything!

The trip took 4 days.

And I just lost my 4th tooth!