Last Tuesday, I took a road trip to Chatanooga, Tennesse. We went there so we could help a family start homeschooling. The young boy in the video was 5 years old, and he was going to be homeschooled. We got tons of educational supplies for the young man, known as Grant. We played chess with him, did math with him, read to him, et cetera. Check out the day-by-day overview.


Tuesday is our day in New York City, so we went to our activites (Wayfinders, Architecture) then hit the road. We drove for 3 hours, had a meal at Red Robin, went for a couple more hours and stopped at a Super 8 in Virginia.


We drove till 5:00 and ate a delicious dinner at Urban Stack. Most hotels were booked solid, so we settled for a Comfort Inn by Lookout Mountain.


We woke up and ate a nourishing breakfast (Froot Loops and Danishes). Our client is a successful entrepeneur, so we went to his office for a bit, got some pizza at Community Pie, and headed over to our client’s house ON Lookout Mountain. We played with Grant, and Drake (Grant’s older brother), went to the park, ate dinner, played some more, and headed back to the Comfort Inn.


Like yesterday, we got up and ate some Froot Loops (with real chemicals!). But this time we went straight to Lookout Mtn. and educated Grant. We left around 2:00 pm and headed to the Tennesse Aquarium. We ate a delightful meal at Sticky Fingers, and my dad ate a moon pie at the store across the street.


We went to the library community center around 2:30. Seriously. I did not see anyone reading a book. Only kids playing video games on computers. Anyway, we did some work with him, then dropped him off at his house.


We ate brunch with the family then hit the road.




We arrived back in New York