Yesterday, I went skiing. It was my second time ever skiing, the first was a couple weeks ago at the same place. To start out the day, I was woken at 6:00 am on the dot and dragged into the car for a three hour ride to the Shawnee Ski Area. We started off with a lesson at 9:45 till 10:15. We learned how to turn, brake, and wedge in our lessons so far. When I was done with my lesson, me and my sister tried the Pennsylvania trail. The first few times I tried that trail, I failed miserably. But this time, I went through it easily. I did it two more times by myself, and then went with my sister and her friend onto a blue square trail called Tomahawk. We went down and turned off of it because the next half was a black diamond! Yikes! Then we took a lift up to Bennekill, a blue square trail that went all the way down the mountain. Then Christine’s friend wanted to go all the way down Tomahawk, even the black diamond section! I said no thanks, and watched Christine go down a vertical drop. Then I saw my friends Milo and Ethan and went up to Country Club with them. Country Club was a freestyle terrain course, and I did a big jump! Then we had to go home. 🙁 But the day was really fun, and I ♥ Skiing!


Here is a list of routes I have skied on.