I recently read a book called In the Days of King Alfred the Great by Eva Tappan. It was about King Alfred the Great (duh!). This book told me about his life, family, and friends. It was informative, instructive, and fun. King Alfred was a Saxon king who fought off the Dane invaders. He was most famous for the story of the cakes. King Alfred was hiding from the Danes, and he had to stay in a poor man’s house. The man’s wife didn’t know Alfred was king, and told him to watch the cakes while she was gone. King Alfred just thought about how he would counterattack the Danes. He saw burning ships in his mind, which were really burning cakes! Some think this story isn’t true, and it’s very likely it isn’t. King Alfred finally shook the Danes off of England, and everyone was happy. Overall, I think I learned a lot from this book.