On the first day (June 26), I took a Gatwick Express train to the train station. Then I took a shuttle to Gatwick North Terminal. Then after a while I got on the British Airways plane to Sicily. Then I had a long taxi ride to a ferry pier, and then I took a ferry to Lipari. There was another cab to our hotel, and when we got there we went to dinner and then to bed. The next day I just stayed at the hotel and took a taxi tour around Lipari.

The next day we went to Vulcano. It was amazing! There was the smell of sulfur, a huge volcano, and hot springs! We climbed the volcano,then went to the beach, which had black sand and hot springs down on the east side of the beach. It was so much fun!!☻☻☻ After a while we went home.

The next day we took a tour around the Aeolian islands. We saw Panarea (which was a nice place) and Stromboli. Stromboli had this huge volcano that was spurting out fire all the time. It was so cool!☻ The next day we went to mainland Sicily. We went to Toarmina. On this day we went to our pool and relaxed.

On the next day we went to the beach and took a funicula (cable car) back up. The next day we went to the beach but this time we took a boat tour. We saw a grotto that we could go in to! We went to a nice restaurant in Castelmola that night. On the next day we left. After a while we got home, took a shuttle, a train, and a tube home.