Today I went to Richmond Park. 

It was really nice! I saw wild deer. Deer roam freely around the park and I have some great pictures of them. To get there, I took a l o n g bus ride to Robin Hood Lane and then I started to walk north. I saw lots of deer on the south side of the park. Here is a picture of myself by one of the ponds:


I walked to the north section of the park, where I got lunch. DO NOT go to the Pembroke Lodge Cafe. They sell soup but they don’t have spoons. “Here’s a straw!” they said. Then I went to see the view of London. You can see St. Pauls and The Shard. Then I walked to Richmond bus station and got a bus home. I walked 4 miles in total! You should go to Richmond Park if you haven’t. And here’s a tip: always bring a camera!