I did an experiment a few days ago. I would go out for a short walk, and see the ratio of girls using phones and boys using phones. As I walked up Queen’s Gate, the number of girls was getting higher, espcially around the Imperial College. But as I went down Exhibition Road, the ratio evened out. But when I got close to Cromwell Road, the ratio was something like 13 boys and ten girls. This study shows the ratio of boys to girls at 6:00pm to 6:30pm in Kensington below Hyde Park. People these days are so addicted to their phones, they always feel the need to pull out a phone. Then some genius invented the NoPhone. All it is is a black piece of rubber. If you get the selfie upgrade, there is a mirror sticker on it and you can use verbal hashtags. The point is to allow you to be connected with the real world while you satisfy your need to get some hand-to-phone contact. It might not be actually manufactured if it doesn’t have a lot of funding ($50,000), so you might have to find you own peice of black rubber.