Here is a science experiment on the behaviour of humans:

1. Hide a loved possesion from a sibling. Note their reactions when they realize they can’t find it. Rate how afraid you think they are from 1 being taking it calmly and 10 being fainting. If their reaction is less than five, try a different possesion.
2. Ask them what their missing possesion does for them. Write what they say down.
3. Wait five days. Note their level of fear every day.
4. After a period of five days, give the possesion back to them. Note their reactions.
5. Now chart it all together. Calculate the average rate of change of the fear level over the days. Write what the possesion means to them. If the average rate of change is negative, then your sibling doesn’t depend on his/her possesion. If the AROC is positive, then your sibling depends on that object to feel good.

WARNING:DO NOT tell your sibling what you are doing.