Quidditch is a game in Harry Potter played on flying broomsticks. Since you don’t have flying broomsticks, you have to play it on foot. Here is what you need:

a long field
six hoops (like basketball hoops but the basket should be straight up)
one light, big spongy ball (the Quaffle) and 2 hard, small, heavy ones (the Bludgers)
4 small basball bats
a tennis ball (the Snitch)
7 players for each team and two people who are really good at running, throwing, and catching all at once
(optional) team shirts

Setup and rules:

Place three hoops at both sides of the field. These are the goals. On your team you have the Keeper, the Seeker, 3 Chasers, and 2 beaters. The Keeper has to block the quaffle from going in his team’s hoops. If the Keeper fails and the opposing team scores, then the team who scored gets ten points. The Seeker has to go after the Snitch. In the books, the Snitch flys around on its own. But you can’t do that with a tennis ball. The two people who are really good at running, throwing, and catching all at once are called the Snitch Managers. They have to run around the outside of the field and throw the Snitch around. If a throw doesn’t make it across the field, then the Seekers (and ONLY the Seekers) run to get it. Whoever’s team gets it first, wins 150 points and the game is finished. Whoever has the most points after the Snitch is caught wins. The Seekers can also catch the Snitch while it is in the air. The Chasers chase the Quaffle and try to throw it in the opposite side’s hoops. The Beaters’ main job is to hit the Bludgers with the baseball bats and try and hit the other players to disturb the flow of the game. Only the Seekers can touch the Snitch. There is no punching, kicking, or biting. Failure to comply with these rules means a five point loss for your team. The game starts when the Quaffle is thrown in the air by the referee.