letreasurehiddendeglastonI read a book today. It is called The Hidden Treasure of Glaston. It is about the son of a knight, whose father killed Thomas à Becket. A mob burned the knight’s house down, and the knight’s son, called Hugh, has to live in a monastery. Hugh wants to be a knight one day, but he has to help make books at the monastery with Brother John. One day, when Hugh is out in the fields when an arrow flies past his head! A boy called Dickson comes out and says, “I thought you were a bird.” Hugh becomes friends with Dickson and Dickson tells Hugh that Dickson searches for treasure. Dickson says he will show Hugh another time. A few days later. Dickson and Hugh meet in the fields and Dickson shows Hugh a cave where there is a lot of valuable stuff. There is a hole which Dickson hasn’t gone down yet. Then Hugh goes back to the monastery and finds out that one of the world’s most valuable books is there, but it is missing pages. The Hugh and Dickson try and find the Holy Grail, and lots of other valuable artifacts with the help of a hermit called Bleheris.